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Automate the management of user identities and reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, manage risk & achieve regulatory compliance.

Identity Solutions for Hospitality and Gaming Industry

Password Management

Avatier Access Control (AC) and Identification and Authentication (IA) password manager software obscures authentication feedback and prevents access after a prescribed number of failed login attempts.

Lifecycle Management

Approval workflow and separation of duties controls ensure pvilieges are granted per corporate policies and external regulations. A combination of self-service access request as well as automated provisioning makes it the ideal IAM system for your enterprise.

Single Sign-On

With SSO in place, you need to remember only one password. That means fewer shortcuts and fewer opportunities to exploit problems for staff, and employees.

Access Governance

Automate access certification compliance management and Active Directory group management. Avatier’s access governance software audit controls and reporting manage individual and group compliance risks automatically.

Identity Access Management Software for the Casino and Gaming Industry<br />

Identity Access Management Software for the Casino and Gaming Industry

Whether implemented under the auspices of a state gaming commission, the National Indian Gaming Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, business councils (e.g. PCI for payment card processing) or just sound management practices, all gaming sites must comply with a complex maze of standards and regulations. Since gaming is both labor and IT-intensive, a pre-requisite for compliance with these standards is the implementation of strong controls on user identities – specifying and enforcing each user’s access to IT applications and resources.

Lifecycle Management that delivers IT automation<br />

Lifecycle Management that delivers IT automation

Avatier integrates role lifecycle management to effectively accommodate change and keep the quality and reliability of the role model in place. This ensures that the role-based access control remains efficient and effective as organizations continue to evolve.

IT automation with built-in compliance assurance tools addresses industry challenges with a focus on the business. Automating manual, everyday requests just makes sense. It prevents your personnel from engaging in manual processes, optimizes your staffing activities, improves information security, allows for immediate new hire provisioning and saves money.

Support for Multi-Factor Third Party Authentication

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