Gartner IAM 2020 Predictions

The Future Is Now

Every User Is a Consumer

Prediction: By year-end 2020, 80% of digital access will be shaped by new mobile and non-PC architectures.

Avatier was founded in 1997 to promote the use of delegated administration IT tools. We have always taken a ‘treat the business user as a consumer’ approach to automating IT operations and self-service business enablement. Avatier continues to lead in the automation of IT identity management operations and business user self-service.



  • Avatier offers Identity Enforcer the first IT store for self-service user provisioning.

  • Avatier offers Password Station for self-service enterprise password management.

The Death of “Least Privilege”

Prediction: By 2020, over 80% of enterprises will allow unrestricted access to non-critical assets reducing spending on IAM by 25%.

The death of “least privilege” signifies the true coming of IT automation and business user focus self-service. Avatier’s self-service password management, user provisioning, access governance and group management tools are architected as “people-centric security” systems. Avatier continues to advocate ultimately an IT security solution must empower business users by providing them with tools to protect and govern their organizations.


  • Avatier offers Compliance Auditor to empower business users to perform IT audit access certifications.
  • Avatier offers Group Requester to enable business users to engage in self-service group management and govern group membership.

  • Avatier offers Group Enforcer to manage user access to non-critical applications by rules.

Attributes Are Now “How We Role”

Prediction: By 2020, 70% of businesses will use attribute-based access control (ABAC) to protect critical assets.

Employees, contractors, consultants, suppliers, partners, the channel, and even customers need access to enterprise systems. Many also assume multiple roles during their identity lifecycle making Role Based Access Control (RBAC) obsolete.

Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) uses attribute-based access control to define access to critical data and systems.



  • Avatier offers Identity Enforcer the first IT store using data from authoritative sources and workflow automation to perform ABAC user provisioning.

Identity Intelligence Gets a Brain

Prediction: By year-end 2020, identity analytics and intelligence (IAI) tools will deliver direct business value beyond access and governance tools in 60% of enterprises.

Gartner recognizes enterprises must provide a “who” view based on analysis. Identities must be indexed in a way that dovetails with business operations through intelligence features. Identity analytics and intelligence (IAI) are foundational in Avatier’s existing architecture and platform for the future. Our tools infuse an organization with analytics, trends and alert capabilities never before experienced.



  • Avatier offers Compliance Auditor featuring 1-touch mobile access certification administration and analytics.


  • Avatier offers Identity Analyzer, unmanned IAM administration tool for risks and trend reporting.

Managing the Identity of Things

Prediction: By 2020, the Internet of Things will redefine the concept of “identity management” to include what people own, share, and use.

Gartner declares this prediction a game-changer. So did KuppingerCole, the leading Europe-based analyst company for identity focused information security, in 2012. When you add the Internet of devices to the Internet of people, you end up with assignment management.

The KuppingerCole White Paper details the future of Identity and Access Management and the role IT automation and user focused self-service administration play in business enablement.

Assignment management represents the driver behind self-service business operations. It explains why every business user. ABAC makes assignment management possible while identity intelligence adds security and efficiency to lower cost.