Monitor High-Risk Users with Identity Enforcer

Monitoring the user activity is very essential to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of critical data. Some of the consequences of an unmonitored environment could involve some sort of financial fraud or intellectual property theft. Several companies tend to struggled when trying to keep up with the increasing amount of data they have to monitor. Furthermore, having to analyze and interpret the effect and relevance of some of this logged activity makes the process even more complicated.

By automating the supervision of high-risks users, activities and records, Avatier Identity Enforcer policy-based solution gives you more control over the audit logs, enforces your organization compliance goals and helps reduces all security risks.

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Monitor High-Risk Users and Improve Security

In order to offer detailed insight into what users do with the access they have been granted, Identity Enforcer collects, filters and correlates activity data to individual identities. In addition, this solution facilitates the discovery of inappropriate actions by allowing you to define policies and proactively scan, detect and alert on user activity violations.

With Avatier Identity Enforcer managers can recognize high-risk users by manager, department, or location and then minimize the risk scores with the activity monitoring function. Furthermore, Identity Enforcer can also improve identity governance by using activity monitoring to compensate for high-risk users control.

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User Provisioning Features

  • Compliance Management
    • Policy Enforcement
    • Activity Monitoring
  • Role Management
    • Role Creation
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Role Assignment