Automated User Provisioning

The Avatier Identity Management Software Suite (AIMS) account creator automates user provisioning based on approved role definitions, ensuring fast, efficient provisioning and compliances with regulatory security requirements. With Avatier’s ground-breaking Hybrid-Roles™, an administrator can provision all accounts, privileges and assets for new users with just a few mouse clicks.

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Lower Security Risks and Costs

For completely automated provisioning, AIMS account creator HR system interfaces automatically establish user accounts as new employees are added to the corporate human resources systems. When an employee is hired, AIMS account creator detects the addition and associates the job title, position code, or any other HR field with a role to provision all required privileges and assets before the new employee reaches his desk.

By combining accounts, granular privileges and assets in a single enterprise role, AIMS account creator not only enables one step provisioning through automation, it simplifies administration on each target platform across an enterprise.

Automatically assign access management and asset management to new hires and transfers. Identity Enforcer allows employees and business users to shop for provisioning privileges in an IT service catalog. Identity Enforcer makes user provisioning as easy and secure as shopping online.