IT Risk Management Software

One balanced scorecard for business performance and enterprise risk management

Avatier IT risk management software marries enterprise risk management to business performance management. Avatier’s identity management software includes Balanced Scorecard Software for proactive risk management and Identity Analyzer, which automates and alerts you to suspicious activities including administrators. Avatier’s IT risk management software lets you meet IT risks head-on.

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard software joins enterprise risk management with business performance management in one IT strategic plan. It turns security metrics threats into an actionable risk management solution by visually representing your complete corporate risk profile. Balanced Scorecard performs information security risk assessments before it graphically charts your compliance management course of action.

Balanced Scorecard adds structure to implementing and reporting on balance scorecard initiatives. It helps you communicate information security risks and risk management solutions. Balanced Scorecard’s IT risk management software gives you the ability to make better operational decisions. It reports on security and compliance management as measurable outcomes in meeting your strategic objectives and fulfilling IT audits. Traditionally, companies manage balanced scorecard initiatives with software specific to their ERP systems, which is difficult to adapt to a changing business. While these applications may identify risks and sub-par performance, they do not deliver insight into causes and corrective actions.

Balanced Scorecard gives an enterprise a meaningful way to report performance on balanced scorecard goals and security metrics. It lets you easily track and manage performance metrics while giving quick access to scorecard goals, objectives, data, analysis and measures reporting on IT risk management strategic initiatives.

Identity Intelligence Cyber Security

Expose IT risk management threats with actionable identity intelligence automation

Identity Analyzer

Identity Analyzer

Identity Analyzer offers you a complete view into every user in every system and application. It gives your organization the ability to report on user accounts, access management rights and administrator activities. As the saying goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t see” and Identity Analyzer delivers the identity intelligence you need to make predictions, decommission users, track rogue activities and respond automatically to information security risks.

Identity Analyzer utilizes IT automation and unmanned administration. It alerts you to access governance abnormalities and unauthorized access. It provides the information you need for better access governance, more secure systems, and around the clock IT risk management compliance. Identity Analyzer lets you clean up user accounts, correlate data across an enterprise, certify access and report on individual identity intelligence along with roll-ups for groups, organizations, departments and geographies. It presents a complete picture of account privileges, role structures and access exceptions.

Identity Analyzer represents identity intelligence previously hidden and unreported. It exposes user accounts and administrator accesses across multiple enterprise systems to deliver superior enterprise risk management intelligence. Identity Analyzer allows organizations to secure their existing environment, map access to ERP systems, and insert automated software audit controls.