Identity Management Security Applications

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With more than 1 million user accounts, Avatier provides the best internationalized identity management programs in the world. Our applications work on multiple platforms in more than 20 different languages. We offer federated identity and security management to our clients from around the world who work in every industry, including education, government, media, services, telecom, and more.

Our identity management applications, which include programs like Password Station, Password Bouncer, and Logon Station work in conjunction with one another to provide the most complete internationalized identity management available. Create or delete new accounts, set stipulations for the complexity of passwords, allow single sign on across several networks, and more! With our identity management provisioning solutions, your security will increase dramatically and your account administrators will have more time to work on important tasks.

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To join the ranks of companies like A.G. Edwards, Chevron, and Gannett, implement Avatier’s identity management and provisioning applications today. We guarantee that you will see an improvement in security immediately, and the return on investment is evident within 60 days with most of our customers. Contact an Avatier representative today to find out about all of our identity and security management options, as well as get a free, no-obligation quote.